The Comfort of a Good Friend

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This may be a record for the longest between-updates span of time. Hmmm. A dubious honor. But! I have been busy.

I just got back from the most amazing NYC-Westminster trip ever. That in itself took time, plus the pre-trip prep and the post-trip rest.

Now I am back, refreshed and ready to go.

The pets had the family to take care of them, and they did a very admirable job. That said… the pets also looked out for each other. A definite benefit of having multiple pets.

Here is a look at friends Barnie and Quincy

Barnie grooms Quincy, who rarely takes the time for personal grooming.

While Quincy doesn't seem to care about personal grooming, he loves being groomed.

Quincy gets a little indignant at the cessation of grooming.

The next day, everything is back in order.

Quincy communicates his needs.

Friendship is give and take.

Friends… and Family

I have written about my friend Cindy, aka “Peach” before on this blog. Our big event is the Race for a Cure. We moved out to the east coast a bazillion years ago after vet school, she went to Massachusetts and I went to New Jersey. This was our first trip back.

We stayed with my sister. One full week. I hoped everything would go smoothly and the stress of travel (and very little sleep) would not wear us all out. You know… make things lopsided.

But no! It was seriously the Best. Trip. Ever. Laughs and good times.

Things fell into place. We met many people, attended several events, and reunited with old friends.

We even had front row seats to the Big Dog Show. Score!

Nice to sit down after being on our feet for hours.