Not a creature was stirring?

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Have you ever walked in on your cat, intently staring at … something, but nothing?

I did the other day. Barnie was transfixed by this corner. I didn’t see anything. I didn’t hear anything. But wonder if … something was up there?

Of course, Quincy is never far from the scene of any action, and he had to check things out, too.

Young Quincy is easily distracted.

Barnie has the upper paw here.

The cupboard curiosity persisted, so I removed the recycling bins to allow the cats to do their job as household protectors.

Intrepid Quincy takes the lead.

Beautiful Barnie takes a bath.

Quincy reminds his buddy that there is work to be done.

It is hard working together sometimes.

And then they both went off for a long nap. Nothing else was mentioned about The Cupboard….