Uh Oh, Christmas Tree

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We have our tree up, but it remains sans ornaments until the young Quincy can be properly trained to mind himself around this big seasonal distraction.

Quincy… Naughty or Nice?

It was in the pre-dawn hours (love the lights on the tree in the early morning) that I watched Quincy check things out. Did he not use his cat super powers to realize I was in the room? Or… was he just overcome by his cat curiousities? Did he know I was watching, but fail to care? Yeah, probably.

Quincy saunters by, then without warning, decides to sample the tree.

At this point, I should have gently intervened and guided Quincy in the ways to be a Good Kitty. But … I was too busy stifling laughter. Trying to be quiet.

After the failed Taste Test, he decides maybe trees are better as climbing posts

He slithers up the tree like nobody’s business. I am a little amazed at how he can so comfortably perch on the branches. My daughter actually found him halfway up the tree asleep the other morning!

Busted! Now go and be good like Barnie.

We might just have to go ornament-less this year….

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