Argos, Roughing It

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As I wrote yesterday, Argos has adopted the cat’s bed as his play toy (when the cats aren’t using it).

Here is Barnie in the cat bed:

Here is Quincy in the cat bed:

Argos gets silly when it’s almost time for dinner or time for a walk. In his gleeful anticipation, he tosses the cat bed in the air and carts it around the house. On this day, he realized that this ‘toy’ was actually the only bed to be had. I was doing some routine washing of his regular dog bed.

Uh oh.

No problem. He can rough it. The cat bed works just fine, thank you. (I wish I had a photo of Argos delicately doing the 2 to 3 turns-before-laying-down thing on this little bed.)

This prompted some chuckles from the family.

Then his bed was finally out of the wash. Nice and warm from the dryer. Bonus!