Winter Brings Out The Cozy In Us

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Barnie and Quincy are best buddies. They play and rough-house throughout the day (mostly at night!) and lead active kitty lives. Barnie, being older and wiser, will play until he reaches the “enough” mark, then he will quietly go off and hibernate on a fresh pile of laundry or some other semi-private space to have a Quincy Break.

Usually they sleep alone, as seen here.

Ahhh a little piece of peace and quiet.

Even wild cats must rest sometimes.

Barnie is most often found lounging on the floor with the dogs, just sprawled out there. In this photo though, he found a kitty bed. Argos has taken to using this cat bed as his own personal stuffed toy, dragging it all over the house. Here he dropped it in a doorway, and Barnie seized it for a nap.

This works just fine, thank you.

Now that winter is upon us, this is more often the sleep scene around here:

They barely fit on this chair, but they are cozy.

Guess who is trying to squeeze some space into Barnie's nap zone?

The kitten grows up.

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