Thank you Dr. Lorie!

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After a busy and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend, I received this tweet from Dr. Lorie Huston.  This little blog is her “Blog of the Week” – what a pleasant surprise and the nicest write-up ever. I am honored and humbled.

Even Barnie blushed, and he doesn’t blush easily.

I know Dr. Lorie from Twitter, we finally met at Blogpaws Vet Track and, I am thrilled to say, she is a Contributing Writer for my site on Yay social networking! 🙂

I found several fun blogs on Lorie’s “blog hop” at the bottom of her blog post. The Greyhound ones jumped out at me. Check out Who’s Driving? for laugh out loud funny Greyhound pics and captions (funny for everyone, really funny for those of us who live with ’em) and Terri’s KnitBlog & Greyhounds – knitting, Greyhounds, and chocolate too. Trifecta!