Hour 1: Sleepathon! Time for some ZZZs

The Blogathon was an amazing experience. Much more than I expected, in so many ways. I am still processing the last 24+ hours. Still running on no sleep. Had to walk dogs, scoop litter boxes, take care of chickens and greet the family, back from a weekend away. I managed a 20 minute nap, which helped.

I plan to recap the Blogathon this week. For now, time to catch some ZZZs. My pets are experts at this. They slept all through the Blogathon, and most of today, too.

Each photo is from an earlier (pre-Blogathon) post – click on the photo to take you back to the original story…

Barnie in la la la land
Quincy knows how to catch some zzzzz
Sophie says - yes, this will do nicely!
Argos will make do
Greta, the master sleeper

See you on the upside!

Goodnight from the gang