Sneak Peek – Blogathon 2010 Beads

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It’s that time again… Blogathon! It’s this weekend! → Here is the 2010 Blogathon overview from DrV.

The Blogathon is Saturday, November 13th, starting at 11 am PST!

I feel like I am behind and we haven’t even started yet. 🙄

Last year I was out of town for the DrV Blogathon, but donated beads and helped behind the scenes. This year, I am here. The family is busy doing stuff, and I have no excuses. I will be blogging along with DrV and 6 other bloggers in a one-post-an-hour-for-24-hour blogging marathon to raise money for animal charities!

This will definitely be a lot more action than this little blog usually sees ….

Here are the beads:

I will be wiring them up with sterling silver, and adding fancy stuff to them. I will be blogging about a bunch of topics, with lots of photos and some video clips.

For the beads…. I will have quiz questions. The answers will be found on my other site: Veterinary Medicine at

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