Traffic Jam

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I love saying those magic words… “should we go for a walk?”

Sophie is always at the ready – whatever the weather, LET’S GO!

Should we go for a walk?

Make no mistake, Argos is cah-razy to go for walks too, he just doesn’t understand all of the lingo until he sees The Leash. Then he becomes unleashed, jumping with joy all over like a Lippizaner Stallion. (Sometimes annoying Sophie in the process, when his forelegs land on her back.)

On this day though, Argos was held back.

Uh oh. Can't proceed.

This will get rid of my troubles

Serious! Help me here.

If you familiar with Greyhounds, this is pretty typical behavior. Even though they can be at once boisterous and stubborn, they will “freeze” if caught up in the leash or feeling overwhelmed. Not all of them, but definitely Mr. Argos. Even though I kept calling for him, he wouldn’t move. He would have stood there as long as Quincy held on to the leash.

For real - I want to go on the walk! Help!

By this time, Sophie was about at the end of her leash, patience-wise. What is the holdup?! Oh yeah. Argos. I went over and set him free, and off we went…