Don’t Harsh My Mellow

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I love that space between Friday afternoon and Saturday noon. It’s a magical time if you don’t have pressing appointments or work to do. It is a nice time to chill and regroup.

Barnie feels the same way.

A little nap to start out the day is always nice.

Sometimes though, despite our best plans (or lack thereof) others need us to be more engaged.

Young Quincy has not yet learned the value of The Chill Out so early in the day.

Sometimes it is fruitless to try and explain the need to chill to those who have no need for some quietude.

Was is the operative word here, Barnie.

Undaunted, young Quincy persists.

When Quincy is off somewhere being quiet, we worry.

Sophie, sensing a disturbance, offers assistance.

Barnie, as always, rolls with it.