Pets Love Their Blogpaws Swag

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Oops another long gap between posts. Sometimes that happens. I blog 5x a week at, also blog weekly at K9Cuisine, so sometimes I just… run out of words. heh Thank goodness for photos, though. I have lots of those here. 🙂

This fall has been extra busy with 3 huge events, one after the other.

  1. First up was the 20th year vet school reunion that I helped plan. I had never been to a reunion – vet school, high school or otherwise – ever. I was nervous, but ended up having a blast. I did a behind-the-scenes vet school tour, which had many of my classmates wondering just why I was taking so. many. photos.
  2. Next up was Blogpaws West. I helped organize the first ever Vet Track with my friend Heather. Even though everything was planned and “set” months ago, it was nervewracking… hoping everything went off as planned. I will be writing more on this later, but happy to report no glitches. Whew. People seemed to like it too; a nice bonus.
  3. Coming up, it’s Race for the Cure with my friend Cindy. I leave again this Friday for the September 19 Portland, Oregon race. To join 40,000+ other people in this important cause.

For now, a less serious Blogpaws recap. The pets and family missed me while I was in Denver and I missed them. It was great to come home to open arms, play bows, and purrs. Here are some photos of the pets enjoying the always amazing and beyond bountiful Blogpaws swag!

Here is Argos and the Kyjen alligator toy.

Argos and his new Kyjen toy

Argos and his new Kyjen toy

Thanks to Dorian of YourDailyCute, I brought home a second Alligator toy.

Barnie and his new Kyjen toy

Barnie sets aside his envy.

Argos shakes his new toy

whoo hooooooooo! I love toys!

Argos munch munch munch

I love-love-love you, alligator.

Silly Argos

Nap time for Argos.

Then Argos discovered the Hartz DuraPlay squeaky football, not a toy that I pictured him enjoying, really. It is a great toy, but… he isn’t a Retriever, and to date he hasn’t shown any interest in chasing balls or fetching. But we found out that he looooves this toy, too. My daughter had put all of the toys in a cardboard box (not sure why) and I found Argos standing over by this box for the longest time. I wondered what was up, then I realized he was scoping things out.

Argos Sneaks a Toy

Nothing to see here. Move along...

He kept at it until the box fell on the floor and he got what he was after. New toy!

Argos Football

Why do these things need tags, anyway?