Dog Days of Summer

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It was plenty hot today – in the 90’s – but a subtle shift is taking place. A little sharper chill at night, cooler mornings. School supplies are being shopped for. It is inevitable… summer is winding down.

This is one of my favorite photos from summer 2010 – Sophie and Argos “on duty” watching the kids play. They laid down by each other on their own, keeping watch of their charges. The kids were industriously building sand castles. The dogs didn’t seem to care.

They didn’t seem to care until we were gathering up to go – then Argos got a wild hair and began play bowing and acting silly. I was trying to get my camera out to take a photo of the sand creation. Argos sprang to life. He bowed down on the edge of the castle and that was it. He pawed repeatedly and furiously. Goodbye sand castle! I had tears from laughing so hard. We all did, which only fueled more pawing. Silly Greyhound.

Sophie, if it is possible, laughed too.

Sophie and Argos on Beach Duty

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