Bathroom Break

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I was busy in the other room when I heard (what sounded like) sweep, sweep, sweep. The kids are getting older and being more responsible. Wow that’s nice. But the sound continued for longer than was reasonable for my kids to be sweeping anything. And really… who am I kidding? My kids don’t really sweep so much. They are blind to messes that need sweeping.

So what could it be? I called out my daughter’s name. My son’s name. No replies. Hmmm. Suspicious quietness.

So I go off to investigate, and find this.

Yes? You called?

'scuse me - I'm busy.

'scuse me - I'm busy.

(This was toilet paper roll #2. Quincy had already done in toilet paper roll #1.)

Still got work to do on this one.

Kittens are a lot of work! 😀