Lessons from the Master Cat

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I wasn’t sure how Barnie would react to this new little guy, Quincy. Barnie is a huge cat, and loves to be physical and rambunctious with the dogs and humans in the house. He is always gentle, but he is big.

Turns out, they became fast friends. I am a little amazed at Barnie’s patience and gentleness with a kitten that won’t. give. up. Seeing this, I love Barnie even more (is this possible?) and I think Barnie is going to be a great role model.

I recently found them lounging together in Argos‘ favorite bed. Here Barnie teaches the new guy a very important lesson; another variation of the steadfast cat rule of what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine.

Of course cat beds are ours

Dog beds are always ours too

You are wise, Barnie

Here come the dogs!

More about Quincy
Quincy is a Bengal cat. He was a gift from the family of a friend we love very  much who has been dealt a difficult hand lately. Quincy was a much-considered gift and given with lots of love and kindness. He is a great fit for our busy family, and Barnie loves having a buddy.