New Kid in Town

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As we learned yesterday, Barnie was feeling a little left out. Someone has taken over his Invisi-Cat Shield. Just who is this new guy, and what do the other pets think about the situation?

First Argos.
He has actually shown the least interest, especially if it is nap time.

Next Sophie.
She is always the referee/nanny/babysitter. Remember when Barnie joined us?

So intense. Checking out the new guy.

Next, Greta
She has been a little cranky. I would say it is because she is 19 years old, but she has pretty much been this way her whole life. But we love her anyway.

And finally, Barnie!
The playmate he has been searching for. Maybe…?

So the new guy – still kind of nameless, but considering Quincy or Pete – is pretty cute. Warning… Cute overload: