Transitions – switching gears before summer

I was in town to see Sting with a couple of my sisters (a must-see concert IMO!)  and work on planning the big 20th year vet school reunion(!) with my pal Peach. This merged into a quick getaway with my parents – just the parental units and me – to the coast. It was a bit spur-of-the-moment at a crazy time of year, when I normally wouldn’t take a trip, but we had a wonderful time.

Ocean Waves

We even had a day of nice weather.

Then I came home. I somehow walked out of the airport leaving a bag on the baggage carousel. la-la-la didn’t even think about it until several hours later. Yes, feeling a bit distracted lately. :-/ Thank goodness, my bag was waiting for me in the baggage claim. My dear husband drove out to the airport to retrieve it. How nice. (I think he was eager for a little break too, since it was dinnertime. I cooked instead of going to the airport.)

I came home to an eager family and pets, all of them glad that life is now “normal” again, and me realizing oooh how far behind I am on work. Quality time with the parental units meant less work time, but it was totally worth it. Now, however, I am feeling a bit buried.

Reality hits

Reality hits.

Awaiting my return was a package from a long-time dear friend who is genius, pure genius, at packaging and gift-wrapping. And finding cool stuff. Her talent takes my breath away, seriously. (Also filled with a bit of envy… you would know why if you have ever received a package from me, taped wildly together and including a few cat hairs for good measure.) Look:

Everything handmade, wrapped to perfection

Everything handmade, wrapped to perfection.

Yummy goodies, musical goodies, books, fun stuff and a big juicy letter! WOW. Perfect goodness on a cold rainy day. Barnie went crazy playing in the packaging. He is so easy to please.

Friends, Family, Pets - what life is all about

Friends, Family, Pets - what life is all about