What’s mine is mine, what’s yours is mine

Barnie loves the whole knitting thing. All of that yarn, the subtle movement of the yarn over the needles… he sits and watches carefully. Yarn is so very, very tempting. He shows great restraint most of the time. But if looks could catch yarn, he would.

This was a cold rainy day and well… he just couldn’t resist getting closer and checking out this project. Plus, he looked so cute. So I let him get cozy, but only temporarily. This project is for my daughter.

What? Not Mine?

After I finished knitting this piece, I washed it and blocked it, which is really  just letting it lay flat to fully dry. This process helps the stitches relax/even out and it needed to be washed. This “new” scarf was formerly the first scarf I ever made, and my daughter wore it often this winter. But after a while, it seemed too skinny, so she and I ripped it out (gleefully) and I made this wider one in a new pattern.

As the scarf was off being washed, Barnie utilized a new Invisi-Cat Shield to plot his next move.

I'll wait

I come back to find this. Not only had Barnie found the was-clean-now-drying scarf, he centered himself perfectly on it. Then he took a luxurious bath (note the cat-licked hair along his back. egh.) and fell fast asleep.


Yes, this will do nicely. Thank you.


Is there a problem?