Blogpaws Recap and a Challenge for YOU. Yes, you.

April 16, 2010 update: Here is my official Be The Change post on

OK now that I have had a few days to let all of the goodness that was Blogpaws settle in, I wrote up a more formal recap on my K9Cuisine blog: The Hustle and Bustle That Was Blogpaws and have some fun photos and a challenge(!) to share here.

At the first of this year, I started blogging over at K9Cuisine – VetMed Connect. I had never met Anthony Hollaway, CEO, never even talked on the phone, but we have exchanged tweets and emails over the last year or so. Blogpaws bonus = I got to meet  Anthony and Kate Hollaway, owners of K9Cuisine. No surprise, they are just as nice in person as I know them from online. Amazing people. Lots of laughs were had. I also had the pleasure of meeting fellow K9Cuisine blogger, Roxanne Hawn of The Dog Food Dish.

Heather McCabe, DrV, Me, Amy/GoPetFriendly, Anthony & Kate Hollaway

Heather, DrV, Me, Amy/GoPetFriendly, Anthony and Kate Hollaway (Camera flash in Anthony's eyes ;-0) Photo credit: Brad Smith Photography

Another “finally got to meet” person that I have worked with at for quite a while now, Jenna Stregowski RVT, Guide to Dogs. It is so wonderful to meet someone  you only “know” from online work. We had a great time catching up on all things dogs,, and Blogpaws.

iPhones are great! Photo credit: me

A friend that I know in real life, Heather, decided to attend Blogpaws at the last minute, and it was such a blast having her meet the all of the online peeps I have talked about. Exciting Blogpaws moment: Heather confided that she wants to start a blog! A blogger is born. I showed her how to search and purchase domain names. Here she is hitting the “add to cart” button using her iPhone. Throughout the day, she kept having more ideas, and I think she hit the “add to cart” 4 or 5 more times. Go Heather! →

Me and DrV of - Photo credit: Brad Smith Photography

←Finally, DrV. I introduced her to readers of this blog last summer, and we have become friends via email, Twitter and Facebook. Thanks to Blogpaws, we finally got to meet! We had lots to catch up on. And we did. Lots of laughs. Good times.

Let’s Be The Change
The “Be The Change” seminar at Blogpaws, moderated by Jane Harrell of Petfinder and including panelists DrV of Pawcurious, Dorian Wagner of Your Daily Cute, and Lynn Haigh of Was very awesome.

It wasn’t your typical sit-and-listen type of talk, though. No, thanks to DrV, they threw out a challenge to everyone in the audience, everyone at Blogpaws, and all of YOU out there reading this blog. The video featured in this post, created by Lynn Haigh (aka @FrugalDougal), pretty much sums up their session and our mission.

DrV has summed it up here: Be The Change Challenge. A quick recap: Tomorrow, Friday April 16th, please blog about how you can “be the change” for one animal, a shelter, or your community. You don’t have to raise thousands of dollars, it can be as simple as donating some used towels, cat litter or pet food to your local shelter. Help out a fellow blogger, offer to take photos of shelter animals to help get them adopted, foster an animal waiting for a home. So many possibilities! I will be blogging about this as well, but wanted to spread the word now. Activate those thinking caps!

To support our Be The Change Challenge, we are having a Paw Pawty April 21st from 7 pm – 1 am EST to benefit Pets Without Parents in Columbus, Ohio. What’s this? It is a Twitter phenomenon, started by Lynn Haigh (aka @FrugalDougal) and Caroline Golon, also known as the staff of Romeo the Cat (@RomeoTheCat). They have raised thousands of dollars for shelters all around the world. I am in awe of their work and the inspiration they have provided to so many of us. Kudos! As you can see from the widget below, change is happening – donations are coming in to help out this rescue organization!

learn more about this Paw Pawty event – I have donated some beads for prizes.

Grab your fundraising progress widget courtesy of DrV to put on YOUR blog.
NOTE: Pets Without Parents is a certified charity. All funds collected are handled by FirstGiving, the Paw Pawty organizers do not handle any of the donations.

Here it is in action:

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