Dr. V is thinking chickens! And other important updates.

Mr Blanca as a young rooster

Mr. Blanca as a young roo

Oops. I am kind of behind the eight-ball here on blog posts. Lots of exciting stuff going on.

DrV is thinking chickens!
Imagine my excitement when I saw this post on DrV’s blog this morning: I want a chicken. The only problem with that title is the singular, “chicken” but we will fix that. ūüėÄ I plan to write a post in the next day or two about how I got started with chickens. And why everyone needs them.

A little preoccupied
Part of the reason I have been lame at updates is because… I learned to knit.¬† WHOA – the yarns! The colors! The projects! Hold me back. I started crocheting when I was about 10, but¬† never thought I could figure out knitting. (Heck it is only two stitches, anyone can knit!) Now I am immersed. So far I have made a couple scarves, a couple hats, and a Greyhound sweater. I am spending way too much time on knitting and yarn sites. More on that later.

New Contributing Writer at About.com
I am loving working with my ‘old’ pal, Lianne McLeod DVM again. She was the Guide to Exotic Pets at About.com for 11 years before taking some time off to pursue an advanced degree. I was sad to see her go and missed working with her. She missed us too, and is now back as a Contributing Writer for About.com Veterinary Medicine. Yes! She has written several articles now, and I need to create an index of her work.

Thrilled to be working with these vets, too
I started working with Ahna Brutlag DVM and Justine A. Lee DVM DACVEC (bio coming soon!) of Pet Poison Helpline at the end of last year. They are amazing Рwriting for esteemed veterinary  journals and textbooks and somehow finding time to contribute very interesting veterinary toxicology and emergency case reports for my site. Check them out!

Blogging Bonanza – two new blogs

VetMed Connect
In other news, I sort of forgot to formally introduce my latest blogging space, VetMed Connect over at K9Cuisine.com. Company CEO Anthony Holloway has assembled a great team of writers to work with.  I blog each Wednesday on this site. (Or maybe Thursday if the week is crazy. You know how it goes sometimes.)

Here is the rundown of writers at K9Cuisine:

DogTime contacted me about blogging there, and they are a great group, so here I am. My first post was about saving money on pet care.

Now I need to get over to K9Cuisine and post an update on my foster dog, Hammer the Greyhound!