Hammer does the Meet-and-Greet at Petco

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Hammer and friends met for an “adoption booth” at Petco last Saturday. He loved the attention from everyone, especially kids. I had to go slow with him when around other male dogs, though. He is not neutered yet. I shared some photos and wrote about Hammer last week – he has a condition called thrombocytopenia, his surgery was put on hold for a while to make sure his platelet count is up. He had a very fun time and came home one tired dog.

3-16-10 Update: Hammer will be re-tested and hopefully neutered, microchipped, teeth cleaned, etc. tomorrow! He is on the hunt for his forever home. He is such a sweetie!

April 2012 Update: Hammer Finds A Home

Hammer at Petco adoption booth

Who will come through those doors next?

Hammer and the Roo Crew of Rosie and Baccarrat

Ready to meet and greet and roo and stretch and get some loves with Rosie and Baccarat.