Argos gets a new comfy bed

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The night that Hammer the Foster Dog came into our house, Argos seemed, for lack of a better description, a little put out. I can’t help anthropomorphizing here. Sophie handled the new guy as if nothing was different (oh sweet Sophie!). Argos had this worried look in his eyes – was he being replaced? Poor guy.

There are those who say animals do not have feelings, I disagree. Consider this. Argos has slept on the same dog bed, in the same place in the bedroom, since we first adopted him. He always sleeps the same way on it; curled up, back to the wall. The night Hammer arrived? I had to laugh – there was Argos, on his bed as usual, all curled up but – facing the wall. His back toward us!

We have an odd assortment of bedraggled dog beds here. Sophie has never really cared about being on a bed, she seems to prefer the floor. Knowing that we were headed in the direction of fostering a Greyhound, I ordered another bed. I didn’t have anyone special in mind when I did this, just that it would be good to have another dog bed. On the way home, I decided that is should be deemed Argos’ special bed. I put it in the place of his old one, and he took right to it. He loved it so much that I am now dragging it to the bedroom and around the house for him.

Oh, and he isn’t sleeping with his back to us anymore. 😉

Argos in his new bed