My first “Greyhound haul”

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After a Greyhound is retired or a track closes, they are moved to a central location to await transport to rescue groups all over the nation and Canada. This haul came in from Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption in Oklahoma. See photos of two recent hauls, one to Florida and one to California.

Here is my day in pictures.

Greyhound hauler

One or two Greyhounds per compartment, muzzled for their safety.

Off the truck

Off the truck!

Walking to the exercise yard

Walking to the exercise yard.

Zooming Greyhounds

Zooming Greyhounds

More zooming Greyhounds

More zooming Greyhounds

Greyhound love time

Then they would break from zooming for a little love time.

Waiting their turn to be de-flea/tick 'ed, dewormed and new collars and muzzles.

Waiting their turn to be de-flea/tick 'ed, dewormed and new collars and muzzles.

Beauty Boy

This guy on the right really caught my eye - a blue fawn - but he was off to Canada.

The dogs will all be spayed/neutered, have their teeth cleaned, heartworm tested and vaccinated (if needed), then off to find their forever homes. Fostering is important for the transition from track to home life. They need to learn what it is like to live in a home: stairs, mirrors, windows, other pets, and so on. They have many great things to look forward to in their retirement years.

There are Greyhound rescue groups throughout the US and the world. Even if you can’t foster or adopt, there are ways to help. To find out more, visit Adopt-A-Greyhound. Here is a handy map to find a rescue group near you; in the US and worldwide.