Creature Comforts

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I had a great time in NYC. I foolishly assumed that I would have more time to blog/Facebook/Twitter, but alas… there were many dogs, people and sights to see. Next week! Lots of stories to write about.

It was a long day of travel yesterday. We sat on the tarmac for a total of about 2 hours in 2 airports, in addition to the many hours in the air. A late plane and a  snowstorm in Denver meant that I finally got to get some ZZZs at about 4am EST. I was tired, but seeing the pets – especially Argos – being so excited upon my return perked me up. Sophie, Barnie and Greta are sort of familiar with the routine of someone leaving then coming back after a while. (Greta is totally attached to my son, my comings and goings are not as big of a deal to her.) I’ve never been “away” from Argos overnight since adopting him in December. He was so cute, bewildered, and thrilled at my return that I just had to laugh.

Today the trio of buddies – Barnie, Sophie and Argos – all happily settled back into the routine as I had my morning tea.

Early morning chill out.