New Clothes for Argos

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I am not one to dress up my pets.  Unless, of course, it is for safety – like a life vest or reflective gear to be seen on walks. Greyhounds are an exception, especially in the cold climate that I live in. After adopting Argos, all of a sudden pet clothes were a safety item. And… I have to say, lots of fun to compare and shop for. Who knew? 😉

I remember looking all over for a decent coat for Lotsie, the Greyhound I adopted 20 years ago. We had to settle for a much more frumpy version to keep her warm in winter. She didn’t mind, but still. Now Greyhound apparel is stylin’!

Check out Argos’ new clothes.  Sophie got a new collar last fall and a new ID tag, too. But that is it for her “clothes.” She insisted on being part of this photo shoot though.

Sophie offers modeling tips to Argos

Sophie offers modeling tips to Argos

Swirly martingale collar

Swirl collar and Sophie

Putting the coat on

Putting the coat on

The coat is cool. It is lightweight, water resistant. Lay it over the back, and the panel slips between the front legs to buckle over the back. Easy!

Coat buckle

Nice coat buckle! Extra points for reflector part.

Sophie says - so glad I have fur.

Argos modeling the hood. It can be rolled down if you don't need it. I love the swirls!

How do I look?