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Has your dog experienced anal sac problems (i.e. “scooting”) or other diseases of the anal area? If so, one of my Twitter pals, Edie Jarolim, also known as @WillMyDogHateMe, needs your help.

What she is looking for:
For an article about diseases of the anal area for Your Dog magazine, the newsletter of the Tufts University veterinary school, journalist Edie Jarolim is looking to interview owners of dogs who:

a) have been trained to express their dog’s anal glands by their vet and do it regularly
b) have had their dog’s anal sacs removed because they got infected regularly
c) have had their dog successfully treated for  perineal hernias
d) have had their dog successfully treated for perianal fistulas

Please contact Edie at ejarolim at mac.com if you fall into any of these categories and would be willing to discuss  either via email or phone.

Edie’s contact info:
Edie Jarolim
Pet Travel Correspondent, KVOA TV
Author: AM I BORING MY DOG (Alpha/Penguin, 2009)