Security Breach

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Barnie just loves being feisty. I call him a dog-cat. He much rather hang out with Sophie than any other cat. He loves the rough-housing, chasing, and general rowdiness he can stir up with Sophie.

Sophie is the mellowest, sweetest dog ever. She patiently puts up Barnie’s silly antics and they have a comfortable routine.

Until now.

Using his keen powers, Barnie sensed this situation was different. This new guy is much faster. Much more curious. Lightening quick reflexes. Sometimes a little too interested in what Barnie is up to. For this job, Barnie needed more powerful tools. He ditched his Invisi-cat shield.

From the safety of his trusty Cat Attack Shield, Barnie was busy swatting at the air and trying to get this new dog’s attention when … this happened.

Now what?

Now what?

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