Pet Safety Tips – Got One?

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Belle - Portrait of a Dog by B Rosen on FlickrKeeping our pets safe
Pet safety encompasses so many topics. Pets, even the most well-mannered ones, can be unpredictable and find themselves in need of assistance now and then.

We must watch what our pet eats, where they go, what they step on, climb in, try to catch (i.e. skunks), and keep them safe, in all kinds of weather.

Show and Tell Us About Your Pet Safety Tip
Do you have a pet safety tip to share with viewers? In this new site feature, you can now share your pet safety tip, including photos of why your safety tip works to keep pets safe. Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words.

I shared my Barnie-in-the-dryer story. Please share your favorite pet tips!

Photo: Belle – Portrait of a Dog by B Rosen on Flickr

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