Pet Food Safety: Two New Recalls of Dog Food

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Last week, it was the Premium Edge cat food recall. This week, news of two brands of dog food that have been voluntarily recalled by the manufacturers – Wysong (mold) and Nutro (plastic contamination).

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Are we finding out soon enough?
I found out about these recalls like many people do – on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. News of yet another pet food recall is frustrating enough. I am now reading many angry posts and blog comments about the timing and visibility of the releases.

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Did your life change because of a pet food recall?
Did you have a pet who ate food later recalled? Did you change your pet’s diet because you wanted to avoid problems with recalled foods? Please share your pet food recall experiences and tell us how your pet’s diets have changed (or not) because of pet food recalls.

Opinions about pet food recalls and how you changed your pet’s diet