Calling Exotics Vets and Techs!

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Photo of guinea pig by Lianne McLeodThe Exotic Pets site needs a Guide!
My friend Lianne McLeod DVM was the Guide for 11+ plus years, and went to pursue other pursuits. I miss her and I miss having an exotic pet expert to refer to.

Who should apply? is looking for a veterinarian or veterinary technician who works with exotic pets – bunnies, gerbils, hamsters, hermit crabs, reptiles… you get the idea.

Got what it takes?
Check out the Be A Guide page for this topic listing as well as many others!

Here is the official job description for the Exotic Pets topic:


The ideal candidate will be:

* a licensed veterinarian who specializes in exotic pets
* a licensed veterinarian who has experience working with exotic pets; or
* a veterinary technician with knowledge of and experience with exotic pets

He or she will be an excellent writer with a clear, engaging writing style; a command of grammar; and a familiarity with HTML and writing for the Web. In addition, he or she will be able to translate complex topics into authoritative but reader-friendly content. 

Current and potential exotic pet owners.

The site has a couple of goals. First, it’s designed to help owners learn how to care for their exotic pet and be better owners. Second, it helps potential owners figure out which species or breed is right for them and also teaches them about basic care, training, and responsible ownership. Newsy topics related to exotic pets should be covered in the blog.

Initially, the Exotic Pets Guide will spend a majority of time creating packages around existing content, filling in any holes in coverage as needed. After that, the Guide will focus exclusively on creating original content.

The site should maintain its current navigation structure, although there is some restructuring is possible once the Guide has created more content. Here’s a rough list of suggested coverage:

I. Exotic Pets Profiles

– Profiles of various breeds and species that are currently missing from the site (ex. lop-eared rabbit, gopher snake, snapper turtle)

– Photo galleries for each species (images would come from users, the Guide, and third parties such as Getty Images)



II. Care Guides

– How to take care of various breeds, health concerns, grooming, nutrition, training, toys

– Information about responsible ownership, including what animals should (and should not) be kept as pets



III. Product Reviews

– This includes review of cages/carriers, leashes, food, toys, treats, etc. for various species.

– Example:

IV. Reptiles

– Deeper content on how to select the right reptile, how to care for it, health issues, safety concerns.

V. Health Articles

– Common health issues

– Proper nutrition

– Signs of a healthy pet (based on species)

– When to call the vet

– How to find the right vet for your pet

– How to administer medicine

– Example:

VI. Training Articles

– How to socialize your pet, fix bad behavior, teach basic commands (where possible), and introduce multiple pets.

– Example:

Note: The Exotic Pets site is already home to hundreds of articles on various exotic pets. From this foundation, the new Guide will focus on increasing coverage all exotic pets via breed profiles, care guides, health and training content, and product reviews. More information about reptiles (care, breed profiles, etc.) should be covered as well. The site’s organization will remain, but it can be altered.

Got what it takes?
Check out the Be A Guide page for this topic listing as well as many others!

Photo of guinea pig by Lianne McLeod DVM