Invisi-cat shield

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Barney loves hanging out in the laundry room. One day I decided to let him have his own “laundry” — a towel that I covered him up with.

Oooh. Scrunchy and fun.

Oooh. Scrunchy and fun.

He had fun rolling around “attacking” the towel and basically being the center of attention (again). He never tires of the attention.

Then I covered him up. This activated the Invisi-cat Shield!

Invisa-cat shield activated

Invisi-cat shield activated

Barnie loved this! It was laundry taken to a whole new level. He was fully hidden (as far as he was concerned) yet could still plot an attack on an unsuspecting passerby. He had great fun “patrolling” a 360 degree radius.

We laughed at his antics.

Why do you laugh?

Why do you laugh? It worked. It really worked.

Laughing apparently deactivated the Invisi-cat shield, so he got a new one.

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