Why I run the Race for a Cure

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Short version:

Long version:

Breast cancer hit someone I know
I run for my very dear friend and veterinary school classmate, Cindy, a.k.a. “Peach,” who is now a 2-year survivor of a serious form of breast cancer. Yay!

Breast cancer happened to someone my age, and many women (and men) even younger – in their 20’s and 30’s – get breast cancer. Some die from it. Scary stuff. I run the Race for a Cure to promote awareness and earn funds to help put an end to this all-too-common-cancer.

The funds support cancer research and “real life” needs, such as mammograms for women who cannot afford them and transportation for women who can’t get to a care center. Learn more.

We formed a team for the Race for the Cure in Portland, Oregon. You can learn more about us (what the name stands for!) and see photos from last year’s race here: Team Femme Fus.

To help the cause, I am donating beads.
Your donation of $30 or more goes directly to Komen Oregon.  I donate my time, materials and shipping (US addresses) as a “thank you” for your contribution not just to our team, but to fight cancer.

Let’s see the beads!

pink-ribbon-raindrops sanddollar

Click on any photo to go to the BEADS page on our Femme Fus Race for the Cure site. I have a large selection to choose from – free with your donation of $30 or more to the Portland Komen Race for the Cure donation on the behalf of myself and our team.