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Sophie says... oh yeah!

Sophie says... oh yeah!

Happy things:

Our pets!
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Disturbing things:

Canine “disarming”
I posted this on Twitter last night. I had heard of this before, but had never seen the “evidence” – completely healthy teeth removed from a dog prone to biting – as seen in this LA Times article. Sometimes all of the teeth are removed from the mouth, sometimes they are cut off mid-tooth, sometimes they are ground off. Any scenario sounds like major PAIN and packed with potential for trouble to me (bone, gum infections).

Some dogs are fitted with a “bite guard” to reduce the damage from bites, but still… it seems like working with a competent veterinary behaviorist would benefit everyone, especially the dog. Toddlers bite. Would cutting off their teeth stop the problem? No.

I decided to post this on my Veterinary Medicine site as well, with more details and a photo gallery I found on the LA Times site.