Barnie the Barn Cat

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Mr Stinky

Here is a long-overdue update on my barn-find-rescue kitty. I found him back in May. Or maybe he found me. Whatever the case, he was a matted mess. He seemed pretty wild at first, but quickly assimilated into his life as an indoor-only cat, after a check up and shave down. Here are some updated photos of my really hairy kitty.

Look at that face! Perfect innocence every time, even when he is feeling naughty.

Sadly, the name  “Mr Stinky” has stuck. This is sad because 1) I prefer  human names for my pets, and 2) he isn’t stinky. Not at all. He is quite the fastidious groomer. And, thankfully so far, not a hairball thrower-upper. Yet.

I suppose “Barnie” is his official name, but we slip back in to Mr. Stinky mode fairly often. He answers to any and all names. He is loving life as a house cat! Even though he shares it with two old lady cats – Greta (17) and Ruby (15 – 16).

Here are some updated photos of his new life.


His favorite resting pose. Hind legs just float out from under him, he prefers to chill on the floor or carpet. I crack up every time I see him. I have way too many photos of him lounging like this.


Mr. Stinky needs to rest up for a day of playing, harassing, eating and napping. I usually find him lounging on the clean piles of laundry waiting to be folded. In this photo, I just woke him up.


He has an odd fascination with the diswasher. Whenever the door is open, he zooms from wherever he is and dives underneath (or nearly so). I guess he thinks we can’t see him…


Here I coaxed him out for a photo opp. It is difficult to get a good shot of an all-black cat! Those eyes must be open, or he is just a big furry jumble. I have several photos to prove it.


It probably goes without saying that he loves to play. He has a floor-to-ceiling scratching/climbing post with rest benches that he loves and  is in the process of tearing apart. He is an angel for leaving the couches and chairs alone, though. Here he is checking out an offering of a puppet my daughter made.


He also loves shredding, chewing, clawing and hiding under paper, like many cats do.


Yawn. Time for a nap.

barnie-sophieMost of the time, he can be found hanging with his favorite pet, Sophie.

Herman Roosevelt Quinn (now there’s a name!) loved Sophie, too.
Sophie has a way with cats. We miss Herman.

Barnie wouldn’t recognize his old haunt – we have been restoring the old barn this summer.