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The Paw Curious Blog

The Paw Curious Blog

I love to read. I read a LOT.

I read books, magazines, journals, the back of cereal boxes. I read lots of blogs, too – everything from animal-veterinary to news to techy geek stuff. (I am also seeing a disturbing trend in the blog world – new “blogs” who all-of-a-sudden have tons of content, written by who-knows-who; never a byline. Sometimes even my content. grrr. I’ll save that for another day.)

Today I am here to talk about a fresh new find. A blog so good that I have to share it here. At first read, I am laughing, then I have a big lump in my throat, then I smile and nod in agreement – yep, been there.

I found Pawcurious.com via my Twitter page the other night. It was innocuous enough… she retweeted a post I made about a heartworm preventative recall. As usual, I read the Twitter bio and, when finding the link to a web page, clicked on it. (Bios and links are sooo important on Twitter!)

This blogger, Dr. V (Jessica) is a genius writer, IMO. Great photographic talent, too. Smart, funny, honest and … for lack of a more exciting word, nice. Well, I don’t know – I have never met her, but I get that vibe from her site.

My first discovery was the Pet Doctor Barbie series. Laugh, laugh, laugh. I especially loved the photos for the “Stick a muzzle on it” post. Then I clicked on the Cancer Sucks link, because… it does.

Things took a turn for the serious. In this collection of posts, I learn about her beloved dog Emmett, and his battle with cancer (Lymphosarcoma). Beautiful dog, photos, writing. I’ve been there. Sad as this topic is, Dr. V still shares some bittersweet humor on these posts.

This post, about a guinea pig, could have been written about me (except that I have never had a g-pig). But whatever. And she and I are definitely on the same page about leaving pets in cars (don’t!). There are so many other treats to be discovered on the Paw Curious blog –> go check them out.

PS –  she is also on Twitter (doh) – Pawcurious Twitter page.

Coming up – I started this blog with the intent of more “fun” chit chat and spotlighting  other sites, blogs, vendors-of-pet-stuff-we-need, but my usual lack of time has made posting on this blog few and far between. :-/ Sorry about that.

My regular VetMed site, Twitter, and Facebook page put a squeeze on my time, as I am sure many people can relate.  I hope to rectify that in the near future (i.e. when school starts back up) and feature some of my other favs from Twitter here, too. Questions? Contact me.