Tail Docks, Ear Crops, Debarks and Declaws

Paula the Calico Cat by GenGlo on FlickrLots of news this week concerning Banfield, The Pet Hospital® (odd to write it that way, but that is the official name) and their announcement that they are banning tail docks, ear crops and debarks. They have not eliminated doing declaw surgery for cats, however.

Why is this newsworthy? As one of the largest (largest?) private veterinary hospitals in the world, when they make an announcement such as this, it is something to note. It is important to point out that many other private practices already do not do one, some, or all of these procedures, either.

All of these surgeries are banned in several countries, but not the US. There is much emotion, debate and controversy surrounding these procedures (as you can read in the comment sections).

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Photo: Paula the Calico Cat by GenGlo on Flickr