Noise phobias as an emergency

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Elsa cowering because of the fireworks Credit: Ken Mayer on FlickrThis morning on Twitter, I found a great article titled Storm Phobias by Karen L. Overall, VMD, PhD, Dipl. ACVB, thanks to @NicoleWilde and @fearfuldogs.

While there are many articles about noise phobias and pets (especially concerning fireworks and thunder), the point of this article was that these “behavior problems” are often a medical issue, should be taken seriously, and for some animals, they are an emergency. The article starts off with a true story of the author’s mother’s dog and ends on a sad note. The beloved dog died from cardiac and respiratory arrest during a series of storms. Not from running through a window or getting hit by a car, but in her owner’s arms.

This type of phobia is not limited to just fireworks and thunder, and the majority of these pets (approximately 70%) suffer from similar problems, such as separation anxiety.

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PS – I have moved this post over to my Veterinary Medicine site for further discussion. Below is the Twitter conversation for people to follow along. Twitter is great for getting the word out to a variety of people, pet advocates and organizations!

Talking about Phobias, Anxiety and Aggression on Twitter
I wish I had a way to “capture” the twitter conversations here, but I don’t. (If anyone does have a cool tool to collect/aggregate various tweets, please let me know!) I will add this summary though:

@LorieAHuston a veterinarian and author, weighed in about Ace, as did @safehounds: “I also agree Ace is not indicated 4 use in fearful OR aggressive dogs.” (view tweet)

@safehounds also added: “unfortunately it is common 2 have owners say ‘I don’t want 2 drug my dog’ they think it means sedation” (view tweet)

Please see the main article for more information on phobias, anxieties and Ace.

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Noise Phobias:
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Photo: Elsa cowering because of the fireworks Credit: Ken Mayer on Flickr

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