The debate about veterinary behaviorists and Cesar Millan

Photo credit: Military Working Dogs © gopal1035 on FlickrWow. I didn’t realize how much people had to say about dog training methods. I recently posted on my Veterinary Medicine site about the discussions relative to official “position statements” from veterinary behaviorist organizations and popular television dog trainer Cesar Millan.

The discussions intensified recently with the announcement by Merial (a veterinary and human pharmaceutical company) that Millan is a now a spokesperson for Frontline and Advantage products.

So far, there are 53 comments on this blog post – pro, con, heated and calm. Do you have anything to add?

If you would rather stick to actual training tips, you are invited to post what worked here. I am especially interested to know what the behavior problem was, how you identified it, and what method(s) you used to correct the situation.

So many dogs and cats end up in shelters and ultimately euthanized due to all kinds of “behavior problems.” Educating ourselves and using that knowledge to help reduce the numbers of animals surrendered to shelters and animals classified as “unadoptable” will help everyone in the end.

Photo credit: Military Working Dogs © gopal1035 on Flickr

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