Barn Rescue Cat – Part 1

I knead you!
I knead you!

August 22, 2009 Barn cat story update

This is part one of the story of my newest addition, a completely matted long-haired cat I found living out in our barn. He has many names… Barnie, Stinky Boy, Baby Kitty Boy, all of them not what I envision as the perfect cat name. (Got an idea?  We obviously need help here.)

He is brimming with personality and cracks us up on a daily basis. But those stories will be saved for part two. For now, here is how he came to be a member of our family.

Life on the farm…

My geese, Giselle and Harold
Son and father (yeah, don’t ask)

They are big bossy noisemakers

Here they are pestering my new found stray kitty.

My Barnie – in his natural habitat

I actually saw him crawl out from between the floorboards. He can’t meow, and made odd hissing/barking sounds. I wasn’t sure of what to make of him when I first encountered him. It was at night, pitch black out, and I was doing the before-bed-chicken-check. He came hissing out of nowhere and scared me.

I tamed him over a few days. What a love! He purrs, drools, kneads all of the time and followed me around on chores like a dog. I almost stepped on him several times.

Then came the big day to get cleaned up…

Let’s remove these pesky things

I neutered him and shaved off all of those mats. The mats covered his entired body, except for his legs and tail.  He was tested for FELV/FIV (both negative – whew!) and vaccinated him for Rabies and FVRCP.

He then began his new life as a house cat.

Lemur cat!

The standoff

Sophie the dog insterted herself as referee.
Greta is 18 years old, and… not so happy ’bout this new guy.

On my desk. Note the extended paw. Always kneading! So cute.
Even when he is grooming himself… kneading and kneading.

Yes. Quite comfy.
Please try not to type so loud.

Could this blankie be fluffed a little, please?

Barnie’s story continues…