Kickoff to summer!

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Sophie says... oh yeah!

Sophie says... oh yeah!

Today is Friday – the day before a big 3-day weekend. I don’t know about where you are, but it is gorgeous here. Finally. It was a looong, snowy cold winter where we live. So nice to see some green.

We took a trip last weekend, beating the rush. (That and it was Mom’s birthday!) It seemed kind of frantic, but now I love the feeling of this big weekend stretching out for days.

I love this time of year, not only for the new greeness, but because I am a wimp in really hot weather. That said, it is also a tricky time of year – temps can increase rapidly and by quite a jump – leaving you and your pets unprepared.

My biggest “people peeve” is when I see pets left in cars as their people just do a “quick errand” getting last minute picnic supplies or garden stuff. Don’t do it. Minutes matter, your pet could suffer from heatstroke or death.

If you see pets (or kids!) in cars, those cracked windows don’t do a thing to keep the interior cool enough. Talk to a store manager or call animal control (tip – keep their number in your cell phone!). Also consider checking out to print out flyers to alert people to this very real danger. Pets and kids die every year in cars. So sad. So preventable.

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