Moving with pets?

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I will be the first to say that I hate moving. I hate everything about it — the planning, the plotting, the preparations — both for the new location and closing out the old location. And the packing! Ugh don’t get me started on packing.

Years ago, I moved across the country and back, both times with pets. While pets don’t have much “stuff” to pack, they do need to be transported safely and legally. Health certificates, licenses, ID and proof of vaccination are all necessary for a smooth trip. Traveling internationally is that much and more, as far as official requirements, as each country has their own rules and regulations.

And what about ‘exotic’ species such as birds? It can all be overwhelming.

Through Twitter I learned about, a service dedicated to helping people move pets. Across town or across the globe. They assist with basics, such as a crates and bowls and they assist with the more tricky things like… finding pet-friendly airlines and hotels  if you want to move to say, Norway. (<– Isn’t that a cool map? Check out the tabbed info.)

They have a very navigable site with loads of information, expert travel resources, and it probably goes without saying, but they are well-connected on a variety of social media networks and have a very active blog. Check them out.

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