Equine Sarcoids

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Geoff Tucker DVM @EquinePractice

Geoff Tucker DVM @EquinePractice

updated 5/29/09

Sarcoid Treatment

Recently on Twitter, @KarenMcLain asked if there was anything “new” regarding treatment of equine sarcoids.

Knowing that I had a wonderful equine vet right at my fingertips, I typed on over to @EquinePractice and asked for his opinion. He graciously allowed me to print it here.

  1. Nothing has changed in the sarcoid world.
  2. Do not touch or massage it cause it will spread.
  3. Size matters – the smaller the easier to remove.
  4. X-Terra is an ointment that seems to work.
  5. Injection of BCG always worked for me.
  6. I asked clients to sign a statement that said that nothing would happen for 5 months after the injection, then an enormous battle will occur, and by 6 months the tumor will slough off.

Additional comments from Dr. Tucker:
I think the X-Terra cream really works on a good number of them.

They will return especially if treating an established tumor.

Thank you, Dr. Tucker for taking the time to answer this question.

Adobe's sarcoid. <br>Gray area, and small bumps.

More about Equine Sarcoids:

Photo: Adobe’s sarcoid. Gray area, and small bumps. Click to open larger view in new window. Thanks to @KarenMcLain for the use of Adobe’s photo.

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